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Sitno and Poljica links


The Poljica Principality: CroatiaWeb pages containing the documentation which describes the change of Sitno borders made by the City council of Split (in Croatian):

Poljički statut - Studia CroaticaBlog with current information connected with the border changes and with the initiative for new legal decisions which would define borders of Sitno Donje as they were defined during more than five centuries (in Croatian):

St. George - patron of the Poljica Principality

The Poljica Principality: CroatiaThe short history of the Poljica along with some interesting links, can be found on this web page:

The Statute of Poljica - Studia CroaticaThe Statute of Poljica is translated in Spanish, and the complete translation can be found on the Studia Croatica pages:

St Leopold Bogdan Mandic

             St Leopold

His ancestors were from Zakucac, and he is also the patron of Poljica. He was born in Herceg Novi, at the most southern part of Dalmatia and at the entrance to the "Bay of Croatian saints" - Boka Kotorska.


SV. LEOPOLD BOGDAN MANDICShort introduction of the confessor and capuchin St Leopold Bogdan Mandic:

ST. LEOPOLD MANDIC The Saint of ConfessionST. LEOPOLD MANDIC The Saint of Confession. The pages are in Australia.



The part of Poljica situated on the Adriatic Sea has become a very important tourist destination between Split and Omis. Two villages from Poljica are also represented on Dalmatia tourist pages: Podstrana and Dugi Rat.

Dugi Rat

Dugi Rat

Zvonimir Mihanovic

      Zvonimir Mihanovic


The beautiful Dalmatian coast of his homeland serves both as inspiration and subject of his tranquil scenes. He was born in Sitno Donje, and today works in Split, near his favorite subjects, the Adriatic and its 1242 islands and reefs. He is now considered a "modern master of realism."


The Mihanovic Collection - The Art of Zvonimir MihanovicBiography and separated serigraphs can be found on official pages:

Zvonimir Mihanovic Tranquil scenes of the Adriatic Croatian coastline - E. S. LawrenceMihanovic’s work has been the basis of success of E. S. Lawrence gallery during the past few years. On these gallery pages you can see his work.

Prints of Zvonimir MihanovicShort biography can be found on these interesting pages:

Various links

Drazen Petrovic - Nets

          In Memoriam
Drazen Petrovic 1964-1993

Drazen Petrovic

  Croatian sportsman of the

We rarely have an opportunity to experience immense joy and pride like we had in that summer of 1992.
Who can forget that August day when, a few second before siren sound, the captain took responsibility, aware that it was the only way to lead us to the finals. Croatia stood still while he was scoring both free throws and took us into Olimpic history. The final match against Dream Team was a dessert that we all watched with pleasure and pride.
We were expecting that it was just the beginning of the success of Croatian basketball. But a tragic incident on German highway not only took away our team leader and locomotive, but it also took away a great sportsman and human being. After Drazen nothing was the same anymore. His character is still in hearts of many people, and his persistence, devotion and honesty have already entered into the legend. At the end of 1999 he was selected as the Croatian sportsman of the 20th century. As the song dedicated to Drazen says...

Zivot leti, kapetane, mladost bizi, a na srcu frizi.
Dok nas s naseg kampanela i sad bude od Boga batude
Svoju su dobrotu ostavija svima
Nekoj novoj dici igru s Baldekina


Drazen Petrovic - Legendary Croatian Basketball PlayerAll about Drazen and his career can be found on pages that basketball player dedicates to basketball player:

-->>>> Drazen Petrovic <<<<--Emotional and very rich pages dedicated to Petro can be found here:

Draze Petrovic - croatian AmadeusAnother web page dedicated to the best Croatian basketball player, Croatian Amadeus:

NBA history: Drazen PetrovicOn NBA pages you can see a page dedicated to Drazen and his career:

New Jersey NetsLook at the memories on New Jersey Nets #3:


... a dani se vrte
ka basket, ka srica
najlipsu si pricu
o mladosti prica.

Goran Ivanisevic

        Goran Ivanisevic
Wimbledon Champion 2001.

Goran Ivanisevic - Wimbledon Champion 2001.

The most famous Croatian in the world, popular "Rabbit", the first Olympic medal winner for independent Croatia. He was our ambassador, he proudly wore the Croatian flag around the world. Highly emotional, impatient and stubborn, he gave us many happy moments, but also lot of anger. Sincere wish of his fans, expressed as: "We hope that he will realize his greatest wish, to win at Wimbledon.", was on this page for a long time, and finally came truth in July, 2001!

09.07.2001. Finally Goran becomes Wimbledon Champion, and dedicates his victory to Drazen.


Goran IvanisevicHis official web page, where you can found all the things you wanted to know about him:

Goran OnlineA great page dedicated to Goran, created by his fan from Scotland:

Jukka's Goran site   The page in Finland dedicated to, according the author, "probably the best tennis player in the world":


"The trouble with me is that every match I play against five opponents: umpire, crowd, ball boys, court, and myself."

Goran Ivanisevic

Toni Kukoc

             Toni Kukoc

In Europe they called him The Pink Panther, his lucidity and intelligence fascinated everyone. He gave three European team basketball titles to his hometown. He won two Olympic silvers, a World Champion title and many awards in Croatia and Europe. In 1992 he was ready to move to the homeland of basketball. He joined the Chicago Bulls, he got the nickname The Croatian Sensation, and he reached the top, he won three NBA rings in a row. The new NBA season is his opportunity to play with the best players at the All-Star game. He continued his career in NBA as a Philadelphia 76's and Atlanta Hawks player, and now he is playing for Milwaukee Bucks. While he was still playing in Europe, an anonymous American who was in Europe noticed him. A few years after that, when he returned home at Bronx, he was telling his friends about a man he saw in Europe, a man that was going to play in Chicago later. He had only one thing to say and that was… "He plays like a brother". Is there a better compliment...


Ultimate Website for Fans of Toni Kukoc -- #7 -- Chicago BullsUnofficial Toni’s fan club page, with lots of information about his career:

Toni Kukoc, the Pink Panther, WebsiteWeb pages dedicated to The Pink Panther (photos, quotations, links, ...):

Playerfile: Toni KukocOn the NBA pages you can see Toni’s statistics in the NBA and his player profile:



Republic of CroatiaOfficial web pages of the Republic of Croatia - Welcome to Croatia:

Croatia Net: EntranceRich and informative pages dedicated to the country with a thousand islands:

Croatian national tourist boardOfficial web pages of Croatian national tourist board - welcome:

Dalmatia - Brela


Dalmatia Touristic PagesDalmatia tourist pages with lots of information and photos. Here you can also find information about Poljica villages,  Podstrana and Dugi Rat:

Dalmacija on-lineAnother tourist page with fresh information from Dalmatia:

The Thousand Islands of the Croatian AdriaticWhat is more beautiful than the story about country with a thousand islands, the saga of seduction to which few have proved resistant. The mirror site is available in Germany.


SLOBODNA DALMACIJA, Croatian independent newspapersThe first number of Slobodna Dalmacija was printed in Sitno (Mosor), during the World War II.

Croatian RadiotelevisionOn the pages of Croatian Radiotelevision you can listen to Radio Split.

HNK Hajduk - SplitFor decades Hajduk has been the symbol of Split and Dalmatia.

The seal of Omis

       Dalmatian klapa

Kada bi se, nakon teska dana, motike spremile u konobe ili izvadile mrize iz mora, prijatelji bi se sastali u konobi ili pored mora i pjesma bi potekla. Upravo ta pjesma predstavlja cijelu pisanu povijest. Koliko je zapravo stara prva klapa u Hrvata? Stara je koliko je staro prvo prijateljstvo i srodne duse iz cijih je srca potekla pjesma...

Sasa Alfirev


Dalmatian klapa and Festival in OmišThe author of this paragraph in Croatian is also the author of an excellent page dedicated to Dalmatian klapa singing and the Festival of Dalmatian klapa in Omis.

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