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St Clement
St Clement St Clement St Clement
Altitude: 502 m
This roman-gothic church is located under the mountain Mosor and it is a Croatian historical monument. The oldest part, which originates from the 12th century, is the base of the present church with three low and deep hollows and rounded ceiling. The church was widened in 14th and 15th centuries. The influence of classical on medieval architecture is clearly visible, in this case the influence of the Diocletian mausoleum in Split. After this period a gothic chamber was added onto the Roman base of the church, along with lateral stairs. On the top of the front side is a small bell-tower.

This historic church in Sitno was the sanctuary for inhabitants of Poljica (they called her St Clement - the procurator of all churches). On St Clement day (November 23rd) and the Sunday after the holy day, people from Poljica Principality, surrounding areas and even from distant Bosnia, came in great numbers. They prayed for the health of their families and especially for the health of their animals, which they brought with them and moved around the sanctuary. They left many vow gifts, mostly in silver, which are still preserved. The church was also the center of glagolic literature for centuries and the Statute of Poljica (the legal document of the Principality) was written and transcribed there. It was also a school for students and priests. The St Clement sanctuary is located in an excellent and protected position, between Mosor and Makirina Mountains near Split. This position guaranteed a close look at Venetian boats, along with protection from Turks and their campaigns.

The Holy Trinity
The Holy Trinity The Holy Trinity The Holy Trinity
Altitude: 290 m
The main church in Sitno Donje was built in stones at the beginning of the 20th century (the church was completed in 1906). It is located above Jasenovo, and above the church is new cemetery. Few years ago the bell-tower was built, but unfortunately it is not finished yet.
St Luke
St Luke St Luke
Altitude: 496 m
The parish church in Sitno Gornje, located under the mountain Makirina in a beautiful small wood, with excellent view on Split and the Kastela Bay. Austrian measuring before World War I tells that the altitude of the church is 498 m.
St John
St John
Altitude: 349 m
This part of Sitno was called Lipopir before French troops hanged and killed many inhabitants at the beginning of the 19th century. The gallows were standing there as a warning for many days. The gallows are called visala in Croatian Dalmatian dialect and after that, the old name Lipopir was forgotten, and the name was changed in Visak. The redecorated chapel of St John is located in Visak, surrounded with cypresses and young oaks.
Presentation of the Virgin Mary
Presentation of the Virgin Mary Presentation of the Virgin Mary
Altitude: 280 m
The chapel is located above Jasenovo and it has been recently renovated and decorated. The worshipers often come here Sunday afternoons; they pray and give donations. On the holy day of the Presentation of Virgin Mary (21st of November) worshipers from neighboring villages of Dubrava, Srinjine, Tugare and Zrnovnica also come and pray.
St Nicholas
St Nicholas
Altitude: 445 m
Beneath the hamlet Gajine (Lolici), beside the mountain route from Sitno to Mijanovici (Katici), this chapel can be found. It has been recently renovated, and many pilgrims from neighboring villages come here on St Nicolas day (6th of December). In the summer of 1998, oak and pine forest around the church burnt in a great fire, but the chapel remained intact.
St Roko
St Roko
Altitude: 590 m
St Cosmas and Damian
St Cosmas and Damian St Cosmas and Damian St Cosmas and Damian
St Cosmas and Damian
Altitude: 720 m
The chapel is located on the mountain above Sitno, and above the Zagradje valley. This ancient Croatian chapel was renovated a few years ago, and according to some estimates, it is the oldest church in Sitno, originating from the 9th century.
Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary
Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary
Altitude: 400 m

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