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Vickov stup (1329 m)

The mountain house "Umberto Girometta"

The view of Split and Kastela Bay from Mosor

  • The spine of the Poljica Prinipality, rugged Mosor Mountain is one of the favourite Dalmatian mountains. The mountain house "Umberto Girometta" (900 m) is a popular excursion point for inhabitans of Split. It was named after prof. Umberto Girometta (1883-1939), the famous president of the Mountain Society "Mosor", who was the most important person during the house construction. It was electrified in 1967. Near the house is a mountain spring Ljuvac, mentioned in the work of Andrija Kacic Miosic, "Razgovor ugodni", as a spring of a cold water.
    Vickov stup (the post on a 1325 m high mountain peak) has a decagon shape, it is composted of iron plates, with a sharp top, and hooked on a concrete base. It has a 2 m diameter. Inside this little room there is a small bench for resting and a memorial book. The door and windows are in a boat style. The post was built by mountain section of the SD "Arsenal" in 1952, and renovated by the Mountain Society "Split" in 1972. This mountain peak has a unique position, with a wonderful view on the islands of the Middle Dalmatia, and the interior of Dalmatia and Herzegovina. The view on the rocky slopes of the Mosor Mountain around Jabukovac and across it on the Sinj Valley is especially interesting.


The Observatory dome on the Makirina mountain

The Observatory on Makirina

The view from Makirina on St Klement church





A paraglider flies from Makirina above Visak


  • Zvjezdano selo Mosor (Star Village Mosor), situated on 700 m high hammlet Makirina, will become working and studying place for astronomers, radioamateurs, meteorologists and anyone else who wants to visit this place above Sitno Gornje. The idea for this project came form the first president of the Astronomy Society, Predrag Sertic. His tragic death in the car accident while working for the Astronomy Society, along with the war in Croatia, are two main causes because of which the project is not finished yet. But it will be very soon, thanks to Predrag's father, Drago Sertic.
    On the ground floor of the building four bedrooms with bathrooms are still under construction, along with the living room. The first floor will have a large polivalent room, six meter large cupola and a terrase with a splendid view on the city of Split and small villages on the slopes of Mosor. During clear sunny days the Island of Jabuka can be seen.
    This location is also planned for the construction of traditional ethnic houses for friend cities of Split (this explains romantic name - Star Village), along with a bothanical garden. (an article from Slobodna Dalmacija, 21 January 2000 - in Croatian)


Mosor lizard

  • On the slopes of the mountain Mosor, above the altitude of 700 m, lives an interesting and rare Mosor lizard (Archacolacerta mosorensis).


Sitno "Kantrida" stadium

  • Sport center in Sitno Donje is constructed in an old quarry, surrounded with its steep walls from three sides. Sport center in Sitno Gornje is under construction.

MOVIE - Road a Year Long (La strada lunga un anno)

The scene from the set of the movie "Road a Year Long"

The scene from the set of the movie.

The scene from the movie "Road a Year Long"

The scene from the movie, taken below the church of St Luke.

  • Famous Croatian-Italian movie, Road a Year Long (La strada lunga un anno - director: Giuseppe De Santis), has been filmed during 1958 in Sitno area. This is the first Croatian movie nominated for the Academy Award in Best Foreign Movie category. The movie is about life of a few families and individuals in secluded mountain village. The inhabitants of the village decide to construct a new road, a connection with the world, with their own hands. The construction lasted for a year and included many love and social stories between main characters.


Winnetou and Old Shatterhand in a movie scene

Pierre Brice as Winnetou shot in Zrmanja canyon

  • In early sixties Winettou and Old Shatterhand had their first appearance on the Silver Screen. From 1962 to 1968, seven movies were made, with Pierre Brice starring as the brave Winnetou, and Lex Barker as the dashing Old Shatterhand. The movies were based on Karl May novels, and the breathtaking scenes of Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes, Kornati archipelago (Silver Lake), rivers Krka, Zrmanja and Cetina, enchanted the world. Other cast members included Elke Sommer, Herbert Lom and Klaus Kinski.
    It's worth of noting that some scenes from these movies were filmed in rugged Sitno landscape with participation of Sitno inhabitants as mutes.





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