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During previous decades and centuries people settled in Sitno, but many families also left. Some old surnames from Sitno donít exist anymore, and some are partly changed (Bego, Gvera, Begovic, Radeljic, Uvodic). Some surnames became characteristic for places around Sitno.

Old surnames from Split like Duplancic, Kuzmic and Segvic originate from Sitno (Mosor clearing beneath St Cosmas and Damian chapel is called Duplina, and the surname Kuzmic probably derives from the name of the chapel). One part of Sitno Gornje is called "Krstulovica mirine", and it is possible that the Split surname Krstulovic also originates from Sitno.

In Podstrana descendants of the Sitno family Mile live, and there are no inhabitants with that surname in Sitno anymore.

This is the list of family surnames from Sitno, whose members still live in Sitno after several generations or continue to maintain connections with their birthplace:

Adovic Madir
Bartulin Mihanovic
Bratim Milin
Ecim Mijanic
Filipovic Pericic
Gabric Pivac
Golub Peraica
Gruica (Grujica) Radelja
Jeroncic Radosoljic
Juretin Sinovcic
Jurisic Spaija
Jurlin Ugrin
Korda Uvoda
Kovac Vickov
Ljiljak (Liljak) Vujevic
Lolic Zeravica
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